Music gets you through hard time, helps heal your heart, is always there on your good days and never leaves you alone on those bad days.

During these tough times, we want to turn to music, it’s kinda what we do! Red 102.3 is reaching out to EVERYONE WHO LOVES TO SING to share their music with us! Tag or share your music with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @red1023fm and then we’ll share it to Red Nation! #ShareYourMusic

LOCAL ARTISTS of any genre, post links to your music, share an event listing for a virtual show or post a video of you performing below!

STUDENTS in choir, band and/or musicals! Share videos of you performing below!

PARENTS post a video of your younger children who might not even know what’s happening in the world but they are singing away while playing with their toys!

MAYBE IT’S YOU singing in the shower or in your car singing to your favorite song!

Let’s spread some love through music and support one another! Be well.