Last May, at the age of 35, Krista was diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, a very rare, fast-growing muscle cancer. Since then, she has bravely endured surgery, harsh chemotherapy, and painful radiation. Despite giving it her all, the treatments were not successful and the cancer has spread throughout her body. The doctors have given her the option to pursue a treatment that might give her a little more time but without it she may have as little as six months. The reality is she has to make a choice between quality of life and quantity of time. 

Krista has one last wish, to spend her last month with her husband and young daughter. Unfortunately, her husband, Jeramiah, does not have any paid family leave and short term disability does not cover the illness of a spouse. We would like to raise money to cover their daily living expenses so Jeramiah can be with Krista at the very end of her life. This way, Jeramiah can take time off from work without exhausting their savings which will be much needed after Krista’s passing. 

I cannot think of a more loving, deserving family of this gift.  In this impossible situation, this gift would give them one less worry and peace of mind enabling them to focus on their time together. All donations will go to their living expenses, end of life care, and any leftover donations will be put into a college fund for their beautiful daughter, Alyssa.

We thank you for your continued prayers, your generosity, and your outpouring of love. 

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