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Cody helps Red Nation through the workday with your Most Music Midday from 10a-2p!

About Cody: 

If you asked 10 year old Cody Lee what she wanted to be when she grew up she would tell you a marine biologist. But after years of failed science and math tests, she decided it was time for a new dream. One thing Cody Lee has always been good at is locking herself in a room and talking to herself for a few hours at a time. And that is how her road to radio began. Cody Lee has had an absurd amount of jobs for someone her age, including delivering pizza, selling pretzels, getting the crowd riled up at baseball games, selling wedding dresses, and doing peoples taxes. Cody’s hobbies are quite simple: cats, tacos, tv, and joggers. (The pants, not the athletes) She grew up in Lancaster County, PA and will never turn down homemade chicken pot pie. Cody Lee feels she’ll school you in any celebrity trivia and probably Pittsburgh Steelers trivia as well. She’s also a self proclaimed doctor as she watches an unhealthy amount of medical dramas. Cody Lee has an amazing snap chat if you’re into pet pictures and videos. Username: Codebarton.

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Twitter: @red1023fm


Snapchat: Codebarton